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Do Me, Von Doom [entries|friends|calendar]
Do Me, Victor Von Doom

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Minion: A Doctor Doom fanfiction... [Tuesday
February 7th, at 8:51pm]

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September 4th, at 4:06pm]


+ von doom colorbar under the cut!

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Fan Fiction [Saturday
July 30th, at 8:21pm]


Would anyone be interested in Julian McMahon fan fiction? I might post some if anyone wants to read it.


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FOB [Thursday
July 28th, at 12:23pm]


If anyone has any FO banners that have to do with Julian or anyone that he plays on TV or in the movies can you please post them? I am making my journal friends only and I need one. So if anyone wants to add me please do, but make sure you like to comment! Thanks!


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to celebrate Julians birthday [Wednesday
July 27th, at 9:16pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

My Friend Diana and I have opened our Julian fansite... www.julian-fans.com

Please visit :) We have spend hour after hour working on it and are really excited to see what people think of it.

Also if you have any Julian fanart you wish to donate just let me know ;).

Hope you like it!!

oh... and Happy Birthday Julian..




July 27th, at 1:30pm]

[ mood | content ]

10x Julian Icons..not Dr Doom..but still the ever so sexy Julian♥

Clicky here!


Doom icons [Tuesday
July 26th, at 12:48pm]

[ mood | content ]

I have some DR. DOOM icons to share.


More behind the ( Fake Cut )




What do you think? [Saturday
July 23rd, at 3:28pm]


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Here ya go! [Wednesday
July 20th, at 10:44am]


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yum! [Monday
July 18th, at 10:28am]


Don't be surprised if I post everyday on here, I have a lot of pictures!

I found this picture on some site, you might have seen it.


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Sexy....very sexy [Sunday
July 17th, at 9:11pm]

[ mood | horny ]


Evil Is SexyCollapse )

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July 15th, at 1:57am]

[ mood | crazy ]

Welcome to Do Me, Victor Von Doom: a livejournal community dedicated to the wonderfully metallic, deliciously megalomaniacal, amazingly sexy hooded arch-nemesis of the Fantastic Four, Victor Von Doom/Dr. Doom.

Here, we can post any kind of entries we like! Have icons? Share them! Made a Von Doom community? Pimp it! Found a totally breathtaking picture of our Dark, Electric Lord? SHARE IT! Wanna just ramble about the hotness that is Julian McMahon? Go ahead!

Anything goes in this community. Anything.

Let the fun begin!

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